Liz Cheney Apologizes

Liz Cheney Apologizes

( – It’s not often politicians set aside their pride and admit they were wrong. Even when some people confess to their errors, they still don’t apologize. Liz Cheney, a Republican Representative from Wyoming, did just that in regards to a serious matter.

On September 26, Rep. Cheney acknowledged she was inaccurate about gay marriage. The admission came as she spoke on “60 Minutes,” where she detailed a family spat that broke out over differing opinions.

Cheney ran for a US Senate seat back in 2013 and got into an argument on social media with her sister, who married a woman. During her campaign, she supported the idea of traditional marriage. Her sister, Mary Cheney, attacked her on Facebook, saying she was wrong.

Now, nearly a decade later, the eldest daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney finally admits she was mistaken all along about gay marriage. While Cheney reiterated her support for traditional marriage, she believes each state should individually determine whether or not to allow gay marriage.

Cheney called the argument a personal issue and a difficult time for her family but noted her father was correct; freedom is for everyone. Will this potentially swing some same-sex marriage advocate votes her way to help her reelection?

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