Liz Cheney Threatens to Keep Trump Out of Office

Liz Cheney Threatens to Keep Trump Out of Office

( – Many consider Republican political operative Dick Cheney, who served for decades, the most powerful vice president in US history. However, by the time he left office, he had an approval rating of only 13%. It appears his daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), could be following in his footsteps.

She was 1 of only 10 Republican representatives in the House who voted to convict Donald Trump at his second impeachment hearing. Since that time, she’s been on a crusade to dispute his claim of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 election.

House Republicans tossed her from her position as the third most powerful caucus member on Tuesday, May 11. She went down fighting, telling Republicans that following Trump would lead to the GOP’s “destruction” shortly before the vote to remove her.

She continued her attacks on Trump the following day during an interview with NBC’s Today Show. She claimed Trump’s refusal to accept defeat demonstrates how “unfit” he is to serve again as president. She also promised to do whatever it takes to protect the country from anyone threatening to “unravel the [nation’s] democracy.”

Perhaps it’s time for Cheney to contemplate her future in politics seriously. After all, she’s already been censured by an overwhelming majority in her home state of Wyoming.

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