Loudoun County Parents File Lawsuit

Loudon County Parents File Lawsuit

(RepublicanNews.org) – Tensions remain high in several of the nation’s school districts due to ongoing efforts by school officials to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) classes to young students against their parents’ wishes. The battle moved over to the courts last week in Loudoun County, Virginia.

On Wednesday, August 25, a group of parents filed a petition to remove Leesburg District school board member Beth Barts from office. They claim her activities in a secret Facebook group violate several state and local policies.

The lawsuit comes after parents wrangled for months to remove seven of the nine school board members for actively participating in a secret Facebook page allegedly promoting “evidence-based” safe schooling. The parents claim the group actually serves to single out individuals who speak out against the classes by identifying them as racists.

In court documents, the parents allege the group shared the full names and photographs of individuals who opposed Bart’s policy goals. Additionally, one group member asked others to collect information on parents and children opposed to the teaching of CRT and to publicly “expose these people.”

Unlike most states, Virginia law doesn’t authorize the use of recall elections to remove officials. Instead, interested members of the general public can petition a local judge to remove an unfit public officer, like Barts.

Loudoun County school officials declined to comment about the petition because it involves an ongoing legal matter, and Barts isn’t a district employee.

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