DeSantis Surpasses Trump As Favored 2024 Candidate

DeSantis Surpasses Trump As Favored 2024 Candidate

( – Many Republicans are upset after their party’s dismal performance on November 8. The GOP expected a massive wave but ended the night with more of a ripple. One highlight of the night came for Governor Ron DeSantis, who easily won his reelection bid in the Sunshine State. The Florida Republican’s dominant win has led to him becoming the new favorite as the party’s 2024 Presidential Nominee.

Many betting markets are projecting that DeSantis has the best chance at winning the White House in 2024, overtaking former President Donald Trump. Election Betting Odds have Joe Biden, the current commander in chief, listed as the third most-likely to win. Trump had previously been dominating betting markets with little to no competition. However, after a poor outcome for many Republicans he endorsed, the former president seems to have lost his influence on the GOP.

Maxim Lott, co-founder of, noted the shift in power on Twitter. Lott stated the governor’s chances surpassed Trump’s for the first time on his site. The co-founder explained the dramatic change was largely due to DeSantis’s performance and reelection, winning by nearly 20% over his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist.

Many conservatives have pointed their fingers at former President Trump, blaming him for the GOP’s poor performance in the midterms. Some declared the bulk of Trump’s endorsees were weak candidates. Meanwhile, others in the Republican party have proclaimed DeSantis to be the new face of the GOP, pointing to his dominant performance as a way forward for the party.

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