MAGA Movement Classified as Racist in Leaked School Documents

MAGA Movement Classified as Racist in Leaked School Documents

( – The controversy surrounding the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools has reached an elevated level in the last few months. Academics claim the theory created a framework for teaching that racism in America is the product of institutional bias and not personal prejudice.

Other collateral issues accompany the teaching of CRT. For example, Newsmax host Benny Johnson posted a Twitter thread on June 22 revealing leaked documents from Iowa-based Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (MBAEA). They showed teachers were being forced to teach pupils that the “Make America Great Again” platform was an “OVERT” form of “WHITE SUPREMACY.”

Other forms of “socially unacceptable” behavior linked to overt racism included “denial of white privilege,” displaying “Confederate flags” and “victim-blaming,” to name a few examples.

Examples of socially acceptable “covert white supremacy” were included, but weren’t limited to celebrating Columbus Day, not challenging racist jokes and “assuming that good intentions are enough.”

Continuing, Johnson explained that this MBAEA directive constitutes “ROCK SOLID, REAL WORLD” use of CRT as a “political weapon [targeting] Republicans.” This practice isn’t education, he added. “It is naked political vengeance” using Iowa’s educational system to put CRT into real-world “practice.”

Several Republican-led state legislatures have banned the teaching of CRT in schools, arguing that promoting the theory creates divisions within society and promotes racial intolerance.

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