Man Arrested for Selling Suicide Chemical Online

( – Police in the nation that allows for state-sanctioned suicide have announced a bevy of new charges against a man who was arrested earlier this year for selling so-called suicide cocktails illegally.

Canadian Kenneth Law had initially been charged with only two counts related to “aiding suicide,” but an international investigation that took place while he was behind bars has led to an additional 12 such charges being filed against him.

Toronto police say the 57-year-old marketed and sold sodium nitrate across a spectrum of websites. The chemical is routinely used to cure meat and increase shelf life but can be lethal to humans if ingested.

Online suicide forums have promoted it for its ease of use in ending one’s life. The drug is reportedly sold in “suicide kits,” but the term makes the process sound overly complex. One only needs to swallow the chemical in a single gulp to achieve the desired results.

Police in the U.K. are cooperating with Canadian authorities and say that Law is suspected in the deaths of 88 people in the British Isles. Authorities in Canada have said that he is additionally suspected of mailing at least 1,200 suicide kits to customers in over 40 countries. His victims in Ontario are said to be from 16 to 36 years of age.

Assisted suicide, commonly dubbed euthanasia, is legal in Canada. If an individual wishes to end their life, they are obligated to obtain concurring written opinions from either two physicians or two nurse practitioners. End-of-life drugs must be procured from a state-sanctioned authority.

Euthanasia was first legalized in Canada in 2016, though certain restrictions applied. Candidates only qualified if they were found to have a condition that was determined to be chronic or irremediable.

Recent pushes to expand the definition of what constitutes those qualifications have been successful. In March of 2024, the Canadian government will codify depression as a qualifier for euthanasia.

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