Man in Bizarre Relationship – with His Car

( – An Arkansas man claims to be intimately involved with his cars, according to a story being pushed in mainstream news. The latest collision of perversion with mental illness is a check-in on a story that was first promoted years ago on the program, My Strange Addiction.

38-year-old Nathaniel, who has chosen to withhold his last name, detailed how “love at first sight” took hold of him when he first saw a 1998 Monte Carlo. He named his car “Chase,” and the bizarre fetish was initially covered by TLC more than 10 years ago.

During the episode, the Arkansan allowed himself to be filmed kissing, hugging, and rubbing against the car’s frame. The protagonist also claimed that he would engage with the vehicle intimately when off-camera. Nathaniel appears to identify as gay because he refers to the gender-neutral “Chase” with male terminology.

In Nathaniel’s return to headlines, he provides the world with a relationship update via TLC’s Instagram account. The razorback driver even breaks down in tears at one point.

Nathaniel tells the world that Chase was destroyed in 2019 during a maintenance check-up. Equipment and scaffolding unexpectedly collapsed on the automobile while it was in a shop and the vehicle was totaled.

The motorist says he has made attempts at finding a replacement for his lost love, but that none of the cars have filled the void left by his Monte Carlo. He considers any interactions with other vehicles to be the equivalent of a human fling. Nathaniel describes their casual nature in terms of being “friends with benefits.”

“He deserved better,” Nathaniel said when referring to his lost relationship. He says “it breaks my heart” when he recalls the accident and that he still finds himself thinking about the destroyed Chevy “a lot.”

Nathaniel is said to experience a condition called objectophilia. A person suffering from it prefers objects like airplanes, balloons, and roller coasters over human relationships.

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