Man Inserts Microchip Into Hand To Unlock Car, Make Credit Card Payments

Man Inserts Microchip Into Hand To Unlock Car, Make Credit Card Payments

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( – Technology continues to push the limits of man. Science has come a long way even since 2000, with significant advancements in the car industry. One man, part of a larger group of beta testers, is pushing the limits further after having microchips implanted in his hand that can unlock his car and more.

Tesla owner Brandon Dalaly recently spoke with Teslarati about his decision to have the chip implanted. The piece of tech appears as a green light under the skin and allows the user to unlock his car and even drive it without a key. Another implant opens the man’s front doorinto and permits the storage of personal data and cryptocurrencies on the device.

Dalaly explained the idea was to have his house key in one hand and access to his car in the other. He mentioned that once the technology is approved, VivoKey Apex can activate the chip, allowing him to use his hand to complete credit card transactions anywhere that offers tap-to-pay.

Dalaly and the other 100 people in the beta testing group aren’t the first to implant similar tech. Around 4,000 Swedish citizens had chips implanted five years ago to eliminate the need to carry physical cards or cash. Dalaly is just one of the few people who have committed to blending biology and technology.

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