Man Kills Six-Year-Old, Attacks Mother for Muslim Faith

( – A 71-year-old landlord in the Illinois city of Plainfield has been arrested for allegedly killing his Muslim tenant’s 6-year-old son. The unnamed family in question were reportedly targeted because of their Palestinian-American background.

According to reports, Joseph Czuba accessed the Muslim family’s residence on October 14th and proceeded to stab both the mother and child almost 40 times. The little boy was reportedly stabbed over two dozen times and died not long thereafter. His mother was said to have been wounded at least 12 times, but is still alive and recovering in the hospital, mourning the loss of her son.

Authorities have alleged that Czuba attacked his renters because of their extremely loose connection to the October 7th events in Israel, which were perpetrated by Palestinian members of the militant extremist group Hamas. Officials with the Sheriff’s Office for Will County said Czuba gained entry into the Muslim family’s residence and then went on a rampage.

As it was taking place, the wounded 32-year-old mother was able to call 911. Reports suggest that she continued to fight with Czuba for much of the call. When deputies arrived, they said they found the elderly culprit sitting in the driveway in a docile state with a wound to his face.

The 71-year-old was taken into custody, though authorities said he declined to make a statement. In spite of Czuba’s lack of communication, police said they have enough evidence to determine that his crimes were motivated by racial and religious hate. According to what the injured mother told authorities, the landlord shouted “Muslims must die” while he was attacking the family.

Czuba has been charged with hate crimes, murder, and attempted murder, though more charges are likely to follow. Newsweek’s coverage of the tragedy appeared to suggest that the suspect was experiencing some sort of mental health episode.

According to the outlet, Czuba was once on friendly terms with the family and had even built a treehouse for the murdered boy.

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