Man Shoots Intruder Who Threatened His Children

( – A father in North Carolina shot and killed a man on June 18th after the intruder allegedly tried to accost the man’s 11-year-old girl and then break into their family home. The incident unfolded in Wilson’s Mills and neighbors have called it “very alarming.” The city is not known for being home to much crime and is a 30-minute drive from Raleigh.

Though his name is yet to be released, authorities said a 23-year-old male suspect accessed the home’s backyard at about 9:00 p.m. and began engaging with the homeowner’s young daughter in a threatening way. Police Chief A.Z. Williams said the suspect “tried to accost” her.

According to Williams, the girl had been playing outside with two other children before being grabbed by the intruder. After she was grabbed, the other children ran inside the home to alert the parents. The suspect then attempted to follow them into the home. As he was grabbing the door handle and trying to shake the door open, the unnamed father shot and killed the man.

The father then called 911 to report the shooting and deputies and police were dispatched. The homeowner was not arrested and is said to be cooperating with detectives. He has not been charged with any crime. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Department is leading the ongoing investigation.

Chief Williams said the family did not know the suspect and that the incident “all appears to be random.” He added that what unfolded in the family’s yard was one of the first incidents of violence he has seen in 5 years.

Under North Carolina law, a property owner can legally use deadly force if an intruder invades their personal space. The right extends to homes, workplaces, and vehicles and is commonly referred to as the castle doctrine. The law states that a person “does not have a duty to retreat” from any space they lawfully occupy.

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