Man Wants to Press Charges Against Allen West

Man Wants to Press Charges Against Allen West

( – On November 3, Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West walked through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport without a mask, sparking an altercation. TSA guidelines state that anyone in an airport must wear a mask at all times. Now, the man who started the argument seeks to press charges against West.

Lawrence Eric Stern first noticed the GOP candidate walking through the airport without a face covering. He claims he then told West to put on a mask, calling him an idiot. When West approached Stern and asked him to repeat himself, Stern echoed his original statement.

According to police records, West struck Stern on the right side of the face as he removed his mask. Then, Stern shoved West in response, hoping to widen the space between their bodies.

West took to Twitter not long after the altercation, explaining the situation.

Stern admitted he wasn’t hurt during the scuffle and that he only recognized West after he called him an idiot. Still, he doesn’t regret his actions. Stern felt sure West broke the law at the time, citing the fact that he saw thousands of other people comply with the mandate over the course of the day. That’s when West fired back online, also noting that Congress hadn’t passed mask mandates into law.

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