Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Antifa Designated as Terrorists

( – Republican firebrand House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia intends to introduce a resolution designating the activist group “Antifa” as a terrorist group.

Antifa is short for “anti-fascist.” Group members claim to be fighting fascism, but their definition of the term seems to be “conservative political opinions” that are at odds with hard-left policies. The group has lost faith in due process and may resort to violent or destructive acts to achieve its goals. Antifa members, usually clad in black with balaclavas, target those who object to far-left social agendas.

The group is most well known for clashing with police, whom it appears to consider illegitimate and “oppressive.”

Greene claims Antifa are “domestic terrorists” and need to be officially recognized as such. She introduced her resolution on February 7th.

Antifa has been involved in multiple instances of violence, arson, and assaults across the country. During the civil unrest in 2020 following the death of black Twin Cities resident George Floyd, the group could be seen among the crowds setting government buildings on fire in cities across the country.

On February 5th, a bulldozer caught fire at the site of a future police training facility in Atlanta. Anti-police agitators refer to the construction site as “Cop City”. Greene alleged in a recent tweet that Antifa was behind this fire.

A Georgia State Trooper said the bulldozer and other equipment went up in flames after someone threw a Molotov cocktail.

The police training center got the go-ahead in 2021 when the Atlanta City Council approved $90 million to build it. The Council said current facilities were not up to par, and that police morale, hiring, and retention would be helped by building adequate training centers.

Like many cities, Atlanta has had trouble attracting and retaining police after the widespread anti-cop protests and riots in the summer of 2020. Following the death of George Floyd after an encounter with convicted murderer cop Derek Chauvin, a “defund the police” movement swept Democrat-run cities across America.

Though the civil unrest has died down since then, these anti-police sentiments are still very common.

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