Mark Cuban Makes Big Prediction About “America 2.0” After Pandemic

Mark Cuban Makes Big Prediction About

( – It normally takes years to develop effective and safe vaccines. However, Pfizer filed for an emergency use authorization(EUA) for theirs on November 20, and Moderna filed their application for one on November 30. Both authorizations are currently under review, and experts believe both will gain approval soon enough for vaccines to start rolling out before the end of the year.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban made a huge prediction regarding American life post-coronavirus during an October 21 question and answer session at the George W. Bush Center in Dallas, Texas.

According to Cuban, the American business community’s rate of change will accelerate as the country wins the battle against the pandemic.

Cuban calls the post-COVID era “America 2.0,” and he envisions increases in remote work. His predictions include the creation of a new wave of “world-class” companies and an increased reliance on digital solutions to meet customer demands. For example, he believes American companies will continue increasing their online services to take and deliver orders and host cyber sales events to boost revenue generation.

There’s little doubt the pandemic will change American life in the future. Let’s hope Cuban is correct and it inspires business innovation and growth.

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