Maryland Judge Shot Dead in His Driveway

( – As many were likely expecting to hear once more information became available, authorities in Maryland have now confirmed that a judge who was shot and killed in his own driveway on October 19th was indeed murdered in “a targeted attack.” The judicial official previously presided over the case of the man who had been accused of gunning him down.

Law enforcement in the Williamsport area spent several days searching the area for Pedro Argote, who is wanted for the murder of Andrew Wilkinson, the Washington County judge who oversaw Argote’s divorce and custody case with his now ex-wife. Argote allegedly shot Judge Wilkinson on the exact same day he signed off on the suspect’s divorce.

As a result of the proceedings, court documents show that Argote lost custody of all four of his children. According to authorities, the children’s father was not present in court when Wilkinson made his ruling. The 52-year-old died around 8 pm and it is unclear how long authorities believe Argote had allegedly been lying in wait for the judge.

Wilkinson’s spouse and son were both home when he was shot. The Sheriff of Maryland’s Washington County, Brian Albert, told reporters during a press conference that the 49-year-old suspect was known to legally own a firearm. As such, Albert told the press that Argote should be viewed as armed and dangerous.

Albert also indicated that aside from deputies briefly visiting the suspect’s home on two separate occasions in the past for what they called “verbal domestic assaults,” Argote had no criminal record prior to the alleged events of October 19th. The sheriff’s department said Argote typically drives a 2009 silver Mercedes GL450.

The vehicle was later said to have been found abandoned by a local man in a nearby wooded area. As of October 22nd, law enforcement in Washington County announced that they had concluded their local search for Argote, whom they believe has fled the area.

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