Maryland’s US Senate Candidate Put in Handcuffs for Making a False Statement

Maryland's US Senate Candidate Put In Handcuffs for Making a False Statement

GOP Senate Candidate ARRESTED After What He Told Police

( – Making a false statement to police is no light charge, not to mention a waste of law enforcement’s time and resources. Still, one US Senate candidate reportedly committed such a crime. The Maryland Republican quickly learned lying to police will earn a person consequences, and that no one is above the law.

According to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Ryan Dark White, currently running for the US Senate under the name of Dr. Jon McGreevey, filed a report with authorities claiming a male employee at an adult bookstore where White works was forcing a young girl, 10-12 years old, to perform sexual acts with customers.

Detectives quickly investigated the bookstore and the supposed crimes taking place. After conducting interviews, following leads, gathering evidence, and identifying both the male employee and the minor-aged girl, authorities concluded no incidents had occurred. Police arrested White, 54, on July 15 for allegedly making a false statement.

Sheriff Jeffery Gahler called the situation “shameful,” adding that White apparently fabricated the story for his own political gain. He said the lie wasted the department’s time and energy, which it could’ve used more effectively to protect the residents of Harford County.

The 54-year-old Republican is one of ten GOP candidates on the primary ballot. Whether the arrest impacted the July 19 primary or his chances for election is difficult to determine. How would allegations like these affect your vote?

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