Massive Disney Fight Breaks Out Over Long Lines

Massive Disney Fight Breaks Out Over Long Lines

Fight BREAKS OUT – Footage Shows What Happened

( – Disney World is supposed to be a place kids dream of — a sort of paradise for the young. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit an unparalleled fantasy land full of magic and joy. That dream quickly turned into a nightmare recently after two families got into an all-out brawl within the Magic Kingdom.

According to Disney, the family feud started when a woman left one of the park’s notoriously long lines to retrieve her cell phone, which she’d left on her nearby electric conveyance vehicle. As she attempted to return to her family, another family dressed in matching Disney outfits prevented her from passing.

Some would call that rude, but the drama didn’t stop there. Shortly after exiting a theater viewing of Mickey’s PhilharMagic, they ran head-first into the family in matching outfits, who had been waiting outside to confront them.

The brother of the guest who reentered the line told them they “didn’t want any trouble,” but expressed dismay over the way their family had treated his sister. At this point, tempers got heated; words escalated to yelling and raised voices morphed into flying fists. One individual suffered a large cut on their chin that needed to be addressed by a local hospital.

Disney’s security team eventually intervened and escorted both families out, interviewing them to determine exactly what happened. According to the company’s report, footage shows other guests and two park members attempting to break up the altercation. The park also identified the family in matching outfits as the aggressor in the situation.

What a way to spend the day at Orlando’s Disney World!

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