Massive Scandal Rocks Popular Discussion Website

Massive Scandal Rocks Popular Discussion Website

( – The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” Reddit provides a platform for users to share content and news and host discussion threads. One of the world’s busiest websites, with an estimated value of $3 billion, Reddit stands alongside other Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Google. Unlike other big-tech companies, Reddit has managed to avoid many other big-tech companies’ pitfalls — that is until this week.

On Thursday, March 25, Newsweek reported Reddit fired Aimee Knight (formerly Challenor), a former British politician and transgender activist. Reddit had recently hired her as a site administrator, but the site’s CEO Steve Huffman announced she was “no longer employed” in a Wednesday post.

An online revolt broke out on the site, with hundreds of subreddits going private in protest when news of her hiring reached the site’s users. Knight had previously been suspended by a couple of political parties in the UK over her involvement in two scandals involving pedophilia.

Huffman claimed the company failed to vet her properly before hiring her, and perhaps that’s true. However, the company didn’t explain its decision to shield Knight from scrutiny by deleting a link to an article from the site about her alleged past.

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