Mayor Replaced For Not Flying “Pride” Flag

( – A Republican Rochelle Park, New Jersey mayor was forced out of his position after refusing to fly the Pride flag above town hall.

The controversy began during a May 24th meeting of the Rochelle Park Council. During the meeting, Mosca argued as to why the flag should not be flown at the town hall, saying one group should not be singled out over another. He stated that the only flags that should be flown on public property are the local township’s flag, the state flag, and the American flag. He added that “private flags do not belong on public property,” as they cause more division.

Mosca also stated the majority of the township agreed with his stance.

A single Democrat, Councilwoman Linda Boniface, had promoted the idea of flying the Pride flag at the town hall. Boniface joined three Republicans in voting to remove Perrin Mosca as mayor. The three Republicans argued that in addition to his stance on the Pride flag, Mosca had missed Rochelle Park Council meetings.

GOP Municipal Chairman Frank Valenzuela accused Mosca of “embarrassing the township.”

Mosca, who is also on the township committee, will remain on as a committeeman. He is also still on the November ballot where he could be voted back into office. However, the Rochelle Park GOP is not supporting him in the race.

After a June 14th vote, Deputy Mayor Jennifer Appice is serving as acting mayor until the Rochelle Park Council selects someone to serve out the rest of Mosca’s term. As acting mayor, it was unclear if she will fly the Pride flag outside the town hall.

He is a Lyndhurst High School teacher, teaching physics, chemistry, and forensic science. He is also the Lyndhurst High School girl’s basketball coach.

A community of just under 6,000 people, Rochelle Park is located 12 miles west of Manhattan, on the other side of the Hudson River.

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