McCain Claims Gaza is Approaching Famine

( – The Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is “on the brink” of a major famine amid the militant group’s ongoing conflict with Israel according to the director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Cindy McCain.

A recent United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) report said that life-threatening malnutrition could increase by as much as 30% among Palestinian children within the territory.

McCain, widow to the late Republican Senator for Arizona and former GOP presidential nominee, John McCain, said that UNICEF needed to get further aid into the region to avoid famine spreading throughout the region. Making her comments on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” McCain warned disease and “everything else that you can imagine” could become rampant should aid be restricted.

Humanitarian efforts are ongoing amid a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. The conflict started on October 7th when terrorists entered Israeli territory, executing civilians including attendees at a concert near the border. Since then, the Israel Defense Force has launched a ground operation in Gaza, although a ceasefire was agreed upon and later extended, earlier in November.

McCain told moderator Margaret Brennan that humanitarian workers had fed “about 110,000” children since the cease-fire began on November 24th, noting that access to proper aid had long been an issue before the fighting started in October. She also warned that the knock-on effects of famine will “cross regions” should fighting resume at the end of the month.

Throughout the ceasefire, Israel and Hamas have been exchanging hostages kidnapped by militants for Palestinian prisoners currently in Israel. A total of 69 hostages have been released by Hamas so far including Israeli women and children as well as foreign nationals.

The figures are minuscule compared to the total loss of life throughout the conflict. More than 1,200 Israelis were killed in Hamas’ surprise attack in October, although tens of thousands of Palestinians are thought to be dead or missing in the conflict that has unfolded since.

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