McCarthy Makes Prediction About GOP Nominee

( – As the 2024 election approaches, Governor Ron DeSantis and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy have begun to trade blows with one another, doing so openly on Fox News on September 17th in interviews that were only one hour apart.

McCarthy appeared on the network first and offered Maria Bartiromo his prediction that former President Donald Trump would secure the 2024 Republican primary. Because of the way the Speaker conveyed his assertion, viewers may have been left wondering if his prediction was less of a prediction and more of a critique of candidate Ron DeSantis.

Outside that speculation, McCarthy gave Bartiromo a very firm “I think” Trump “will be” the 2024 “nominee.” At the same time, the legislator slammed Trump’s competitor, Governor DeSantis, saying he was “not” on “the same” political “level.”

McCarthy stopped short of giving a full endorsement to the former President, but unlike previous appearances in which most would likely say the California Republican remained completely neutral on the matter, in this instance he provided reasons for Trump’s probable primary victory.

After opining that Trump is more popular today than he was in either 2016 or 2020, McCarthy further said the former President is able to use both the high rate of inflation and the raging war in Ukraine to his advantage. The ex-Commander-in-Chief had neither of those options to work with during his previous election cycles.

When Bartiromo brought up Ron DeSantis, she pointed out that the governor appears to be endorsing a GOP-led shutdown of the government over budgetary concerns, in stark contrast to the position advocated for by McCarthy. The Republican told the Fox host that he had once served alongside DeSantis and that the candidate would never have been elected to Florida’s highest office had it not been for Trump’s endorsement.

One hour later, Governor DeSantis told Howard Kurtz that House leaders are failing to follow through on their campaign promises.

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