McCarthy Warns That Israel Did Not See a Hamas Strike Coming; U.S. Could Be Next

( – In an interview that was published two days after thousands of terrorists slaughtered somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 Israeli civilians, former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy wondered if Americans could soon be faced with a similar tragedy. The California Rep. spoke at length with the Washington Free Beacon about Israel’s recent intelligence failure and how it relates to U.S. border policy.

American voters and legislators should “wake themselves up,” McCarthy said. The same thing that just happened in Southern Israel could “happen next week” here in the U.S., he told the Beacon. McCarthy reminded his interviewer that in February 2023 authorities had apprehended “more people” who were on terror watchlists than they previously had over the course of the entire Biden administration.

The ex-speaker cited our nation’s “wide-open border” with Mexico and noted that citizens “from 160 different” nations are routinely being engaged by agents with Customs and Border Protection, many of whom are from countries that have a history of extremism.

An October 10th Twitter-based report from Fox reporter Bill Melugin appears to give credence to the idea that terror suspects are taking advantage of Biden administration policies and crossing into the United States at an accelerated rate. According to his data, the Border Patrol has arrested 151 terror suspects so far this year.

In 2022, the data shows that only 98 were arrested. The year before that, the number was only 15. Over the entire course of the Donald Trump Presidency, a combined 11 suspects were caught at the Southern border.

McCarthy referenced his ousting at the hands of Rep. Matt Gaetz and said it was “unfortunate” that “a few members” had chosen to seek his removal. He said the lack of someone in the speakership conveys a sense of “weakness.” Gaetz received heaps of criticism following McCarthy’s removal. Hamas’ invasion of Israel only amplified that effect in the days that followed.

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