Meadows Granted Immunity in Trump Election Case

( – Contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination Vikram Ramaswamy is one of many who has said that former President Trump lost the 2020 election as a result of voter manipulation through the suppression of stories like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Others, like Dinesh D’Souza, suggest that President Biden achieved victory through outright fraud.

Images of near-empty Biden campaign events in the weeks and months preceding his national victory in 2020 left many scratching their heads as to how the aging politician could have pulled off a win. Those who feel that way are likely forced to contend with the domino-like series of guilty pleas from those who were charged alongside the ex-President in his two ongoing election cases in Georgia and Washington, D.C.

Kenneth Chesebro, Scott Hall, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis have all admitted their guilt, and more are likely to follow. Depending on one’s perspective, some might consider the latest casualty to be the former President’s right-hand man. Mark Meadows, Trump’s one-time chief of staff, has reportedly chosen to cut a deal.

Though the developments surrounding Meadows don’t involve a guilty plea, he has been granted immunity. According to a host of reports, the former brain of the Trump administration has already spoken to Jack Smith’s legal team a minimum of three times since the beginning of the year.

One of those exchanges with the special counsel’s staff reportedly involved an offer of immunity prior to his grand jury testimony. Based on what is being widely disseminated in both the alternative and mainstream media, Meadows is said to have testified that he warned his former boss that allegations concerning national voter fraud were largely baseless.

Readers may note that Meadows’ immunity offer did not extend to proceedings in Georgia, where the former administration official is also facing charges. In contrast to the actions of several defendants, Meadows is still insisting on his innocence in the Peach State.

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