Megabus Rollover in Maryland Injures 25+ People

Megabus Rollover in Maryland Injures 25+ People

25+ Injured In DEVASTATING Sunday Morning Accident

( – Public transportation plays a key role in daily life within major cities such as Chicago and New York, and most forms are typically reliable and safe means of travel. Yet, the people who utilize these services do occasionally face dangers. A recent and tragic bus rollover accident in Maryland highlights the severity of these risks all too well.

According to Fox 5, the inner-city bus was driving down the I-95 in Kingsville, North Maryland, when it rolled onto its side at around 6:55 a.m. Fire and EMS services from neighboring Baltimore County and Hartford county quickly responded, as did a number of officers from the Maryland State Police (MSP) JFK Memorial Highway Barrack.

Thankfully, there were no fatalities associated with the crash. Twenty-seven of the 47 passengers sustained injuries; 15 of them attended a local hospital, while another 12 refused care.

Baltimore County Fire Department tweeted about the incident a short time afterward, calling it a “mass casualty accident.”

An MSP statement released on May 23 confirms that authorities continue to investigate exactly what led to the accident. However, they do not believe that impaired driving, distracted driving, or other vehicles on the road played a role at the present point in time.

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