Megyn Kelly Calls Someone a “Groomer” in Response to Woke Agenda

Megyn Kelly Calls Someone a

( – Former Fox and NBC News host Megyn Kelly recently used her podcast as a platform to explain why she pulled her children from a prestigious Manhattan School. Speaking with Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, she invoked his own phrase, “Okay, groomer,” in reference to the institution.

Kelly takes issue with the educational facility’s “woke” agenda. She describes a program at the school that she says felt “like they were recruiting.” The former host said teachers asked her son difficult questions he didn’t understand, including whether he felt like a boy or a girl.

She became noticeably upset talking about the portion of the lesson that had adults pushing transgender ideals on eight- and nine-year-old children. Her son apparently told his mother all about puberty blockers that keep a boy from developing hormones so that he can have an operation later. “They said this to a third-grade class,” said Kelly. “A third-grade class.”

The host seemed increasingly uncomfortable as she described the lesson in further detail. Teachers allegedly told her pre-adolescent child about having his penis chopped off so doctors could “build a vagina.” Then he’d be a woman.

Kelly’s overall response, “Okay, groomer,” seems unfortunately appropriate. The host’s decision to remove her children from New York City’s “indoctrination centers” is nothing short of responsible parenting.

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