Mexican President Wants To Change The Narrative Around Immigration To US

Mexican President Wants To Change The Narrative Around Immigration To US

Mexican President Gives Stunning Call To Action To Biden

( – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recently boycotted the Summit of the Americas, an event where Western heads of state meet to discuss issues of significant importance. Nonetheless, he made time to visit with President Joe Biden at the White House on the heels of that absence. During the meeting, Obrador shared his desire to significantly alter America’s immigration policies.

The Mexican president spoke with Biden on several key issues, including migration. He believes the US should increase the number of work visas to help address America’s current labor shortage.

President Obrador also touched on the impacts of illegal immigration — specifically, undocumented individuals already present in the US. He believes people who have contributed to America should have a sense of certainty, even if they aren’t yet official citizens. Obrador stopped shy of suggesting he wanted President Biden to create a pathway for illegal immigrants to earn citizenship. He did acknowledge that Conservatives would lose their mind over his proposal.

Still, the fact that some people might respond with anger didn’t change his opinion. President Obrador told Biden to be bold and daring, citing transformation as the correct path out of the crisis rather than conservatism.

The two leaders also discussed strategies for reducing drug smuggling and gas. Obrador said it was only fair to allow Americans close to the border to come into Mexico, where they can often purchase fuel at much cheaper rates.

So far, Biden has been focused on what his administration calls the “root causes” of emigration to the US. Will his meeting with President Obrador influence his current approach?

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