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Microsoft Encourages Communication With Work From Home Employees

Microsoft Encourages Communication With Work From Home Employees

( – Remote work became extremely popular in the US over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic as the government asked Americans to socially distance and remain at home as much as possible. While employees enjoy fulfilling their jobs from the comfort of their houses, many employers feel they might not be getting enough done. Microsoft, as a result, has encouraged businesses to communicate with workers who are carrying out their jobs remotely.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, recently sat down with Bloomberg for an interview on September 22. Nadella mentioned increased telecommuting has sparked a “productivity paranoia” among business leaders. The CEO explained the issue has led to companies trying to find a way to spy on remote staff through various different techniques such as monitoring keystrokes and recording mouse clicks.

Jared Spataro, Vice President of Microsoft, explained there’s been a debate growing over conducting surveillance on employees to ensure they’re working efficiently. He added that the company has taken a staunch stance against such actions.

The software giant has been collecting surveys among workers from across the globe and has discovered there is a growing gap between managers and the subordinates under them. For that reason, Nadella believes better communication with telecommuters is the key to stabilizing output.

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