Migrant Children Found Abandoned in Mountains

(RepublicanNews.org) – Collateral damage of the Biden administration’s border policy has been found outside San Diego. Two elementary-school-aged children were found by BP agents on August 20th, alone and abandoned in the mountains on California’s border with Mexico.

Though agents respectfully kept the children’s faces obscured, a picture of the pair was posted to Twitter with an attached note that said the agency goes “above and beyond” in their efforts to “help others.” Patricia McGurk-Daniel, the sector’s Chief Patrol Agent, reported that the children had been ditched by smugglers after the criminals became fearful of the fast-approaching Hurricane Hilary.

After being discovered on Otay Mountain, the unnamed juveniles were added to the list of more than 4,300 illegal immigrants apprehended in the area in just the last seven days. Among that weeklong total were 129 unaccompanied children.

Three days after the two children in question were found, McGurk-Daniel posted her sector’s weekly statistics to Twitter. Her agents had captured nationals from a total of 59 countries. For perspective, there are only 195 sovereign nations on the planet.

Border Patrol performed 123 separate rescues along with interdicting 21 instances of human trafficking. $9 million worth of drugs was seized. The total included 750 pounds of cocaine, 111 pounds of methamphetamine, and about 2.3 pounds of fentanyl.

Abandoned minors along the nation’s southern border are not at all uncommon. On August 22nd, Texas DPS Troopers also found two young children that had been left abandoned. The 4 and 12-year-olds had similarly been left on their own by smugglers.

Reliable numbers for both adult and minor aliens entering the country are difficult to ascertain and often have to be piecemealed together using various regional statistics. One such piece of the puzzle can be found in New York City. Public school administrators in that city alone are expecting almost 20,000 non-English-speaking migrant enrollees for the upcoming school year.

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