Migrants Arrested in Smuggling Operations

Migrants Arrested in Smuggling Operations

(RepublicanNews.org) – The crisis at the nation’s southern border is well-documented, with members of the media and a group of Republican Senators reporting on the growing flood of migrants. However, recent action taken by border patrol agents should remove any doubt about the problem’s severity.

US Customs and Border Protection issued a press release on Friday, April 2, discussing the arrest of dozens of illegal aliens by Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents. The agents were responding to a call for assistance from a local police department.

The Mission Police Department told Border Patrol officials it had received information regarding a possible smuggling operation. Agents and police officers discovered 13 illegal migrants housed in a trailer home last Wednesday.

Border patrol agents uncovered 4 other smuggling operations over the next 24 hours, leading to the discovery and arrest of a total of 86 illegal aliens.

Despite these reports, the Biden administration continues denying the existence of a crisis at the nation’s southern border. Someone should remind the White House of the importance of maintaining Donald Trump’s “America First” policy, particularly regarding the nation’s borders.

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