Mike Bloomberg Lost $100,000,000 Trying To Help Biden

Mike Bloomberg Lost $100,000,000 Trying To Help Biden

(RepublicanNews.org) – Normally, there’s no great surprise when big money and politics meet during a presidential election. However, former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg’s injection of $100 million into Democratic hopeful Joe Biden’s Florida campaign appears to be an unrivaled effort by one person to skew the results of an election.

Bloomberg and Donald Trump enjoyed a friendly relationship for more than a decade as fellow New Yorkers. However, Bloomberg suddenly turned on Trump shortly after he announced his presidential campaign back in 2015. Determined to derail the president’s 2020 reelection bid, Bloomberg decided to inject money into Florida, a crucial state for Trump to win with its 29 Electoral College votes.

Despite that massive injection of money, Trump easily won Florida, with NewsMax calling the state at about 9 pm Eastern and with Fox News officially giving it to Trump a couple of hours later.

Sadly, America has grown accustomed to money playing a pivotal role in politics. However, it’s a whole different subject when an embittered rival tries to skew a presidential election.

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