Mike Johnson Credits God’s Plan for Speakership Victory

(RepublicanNews.org) – It remains to be seen if evangelicals will still be backing freshly minted Speaker of the House Mike Johnson in six months’ time. Nothing, in particular, happens at the end of that period, but most would probably consider that to be enough time to determine if Johnson’s actions match his past words, promises, and stances.

For now, the professing “believer” is insistent that God played a role in his recent victory. The Louisiana Republican isn’t just making statements like that for local outlets in his home state. He’s saying it to his entire chamber on the floor of the U.S. House, far-left Democrats included.

Following the vote that put him in power on October 25th, Johnson told his colleagues in what appeared to be prepared remarks that “coincidences” were not involved in his ascension to the speakership. The lawmaker specifically drew on “scripture” from “the Bible” and said that “God” was the lone element behind the election of “each” and every legislator on the floor.

While there are any number of passages in the Bible that reference God’s involvement in the selection of a nation’s leaders, most apologists would likely agree that Johnson was alluding to Romans 13:1. The second half of the verse, which historians say was written by the Apostle Paul, says that “God has established” the ruling “authorities.”

Johnson’s religious leanings aside, voters should soon be able to make up their minds as to whether or not they feel the nation’s newest speaker has engaged in a flip-flop of sorts or not. The Louisiana rep. was previously one of a host of legislators in the GOP to vote against funding for the conflict in Ukraine.

He now appears to be in favor of providing aid for the country in at least a limited fashion. On October 26th, he told Sean Hannity that the issue should be bifurcated from the White House’s current spending proposal.

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