Mike Johnson’s Speakership Is Wavering

(RepublicanNews.org) – Some Congressional Republicans are already starting to bristle at the tenure of House Speaker Mike Johnson, the Louisiana representative who took over for the embattled former Speaker, Kevin McCarthy who was ousted in October.

Passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with provisions unpopular among some Republican representatives was apparently enough to end Johnson’s honeymoon period, barely two months after it started. Namely, some Republicans like Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene were angered by the temporary extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which was due to expire in December.

FISA gives spy agencies like the CIA and FBI extensive powers to spy and gather data, even on American citizens. The NDAA also gave the military a historic 5%+ raise.

Republicans were already griping in November when Johnson passed a spending bill to temporarily fund the government, seeing it as a capitulation when he had an opportunity to force Democrats and President Joe Biden to negotiate on spending. The temporary spending provision was nearly identical to a measure passed by McCarthy back in September, which is believed to be the final straw that led to his ouster.

Johnson has already promised that he won’t pass another temporary spending provision, which puts him in a difficult position. He either has to honor his promise, which could mean an untimely government shutdown, or he has to break his promise, risking a vote to remove him as Speaker on the same grounds that saw McCarthy leave the office.

The events that led up to McCarthy’s speaker vote were some of the most politically fraught in modern history, and it took 15 ballots and 5 days for House Republicans to finally select McCarthy. McCarthy only made it through the 5th vote after he agreed to a poison pill arrangement that cleared the way to have him easily removed. Johnson’s vote wasn’t much better and came only after a 3-week vacancy in the speakership.

Republicans are making it clear that Johnson has some difficult decisions ahead of him.

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