Mike Pompeo Issues Warning About China’s Rising Power

Mike Pompeo Issues Warning About China's Rising Power

(RepublicanNews.org) – President Joe Biden has prioritized reversing Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda since assuming office. Iran is enriching uranium to 60%, North Korea began test-firing ballistic missiles, and Biden delayed the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has stepped back into the political arena amid this mounting chaos and uncertainty. On April 21, he met with a group of House Republicans to discuss the pending announcement of the Maximum Pressure Act. Republicans hope to use the legislation to prevent the Biden administration from renegotiating a new treaty with Iran without Senate approval.

Questions regarding China also came up during the meeting. Pompeo explained that so far, the talk out of the Biden White House has been satisfactory, “but it’s deeds that will ultimately matter.”

Continuing, he warned that China would attempt to “hit [the United States] in the face.” Then, the world will see if Biden administration officials have the “backbone to do the right thing.”

As Pompeo noted, China presents the greatest challenge to America’s global power. Let’s hope the Biden administration is up to the task of protecting America’s economic and military dominance.

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