Mike Pompeo Says US Considering Sanctions on Hong Kong for Arresting Protestors

Mike Pompeo Says US Considering Sanctions on Hong Kong for Arresting Protestors

(RepublicanNews.org) – America may be mired in controversy surrounding the highly-disputed 2020 presidential elections, but Secretary Mike Pompeo and other Trump administration officials continue working double-time to achieve foreign policy goals.

Sec. Pompeo blasted Hong Kong officials on Thursday, January 7. Clearly enraged, he threatened to impose sanctions against groups and individuals involved in the arrest of dozens of individuals pre-dawn on Wednesday.

Pompeo also warned that the US could target Hong Kong’s economic and trade office located in America. The threats are likely to provoke the ire of Chinese officials.

However, that didn’t stop Pompeo from announcing that the US Ambassador to the United Nations was slated to meet with officials in Taiwan. China claimed the Asian island decades ago and normally refuses any diplomatic ties to countries that recognize Taiwan.

What Sparked America’s Concern?

Hong Kong law enforcement officials arrested more than 50 individuals during early morning raids targeting activists seeking a restoration of democracy. Of particular concern to Sec. Pompeo was the arrest and detention of John Clancey, an American lawyer. He was released from police custody on January 8, along with others.

Pompeo characterized the arrests as outrageous and a reminder of Communist China’s disregard for the rule of law and the welfare of its own people.

Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, pushed back against Pompeo’s threats, saying they constituted a significant level of meddling by US officials in China’s domestic affairs. Continuing, she said China would do whatever was necessary to protect its national interests related to its security and sovereignty.

Officials working at the Chinese United Nations mission called on the Trump administration to back off on its provocative measures, warning the US not to play with fire, lest it gets burnt.

However, neither Secretary Pompeo nor President Trump has any qualms about standing up to Chinese aggression. They haven’t since Trump assumed office in 2017.

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