Military Members and Veterans Don’t Recommend Serving Anymore

Military Members and Veterans Don't Recommend Serving Anymore

New Survey Paints Bleak Picture For The Future Of America’s Military

( – When people consider America’s fighting forces, they often think of honor, integrity, and respect. A recent survey from the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) uncovers a shocking change for a force powered by volunteers. Veterans and current US military members are less likely to recommend people serve than in the past.

The MFAN President and Director, Shannon Razsadin, noted a trend in servicemembers, veterans, and their families: They’re struggling financially, leading to a negative view of serving. Still, the MFAN president noted the most surprising statistic from the survey, which the group conducts every two years, was the drop from 74.5% of respondents recommending service to only 62.9% between 2019 and 2021.

Razsadin explained the biggest reasons for the sudden drop in recommendations stemmed from the feeling that military life wasn’t good for family life because of frequent separations. Moving due to being in the military was also a major reason for the drop, noting 40% had reported a negative experience with moving cost reimbursements, 56% disliked the cost-of-living change, and 38% had a poor view of the change in a spouse’s employment.

Inflation has driven up the cost of everything, leaving families living on military salaries struggling and feeling unstable financially, another contributing factor in explaining why recommendations for military life have dropped. Recruitment numbers are currently down, making the decline in military life satisfaction a significant concern for the volunteer services.

If force strength numbers decline enough, could the government institute a draft rather than relying solely on volunteers?

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