Mitch McConnell’s REPLACEMENT? – Look Who Might Do It!

Rick Scott Could Challenge Mitch McConnell

Rick Scott Could Challenge Mitch McConnell

( – Once all the votes are counted for the midterm elections, Americans will know which party controls both chambers of Congress. If the GOP wins a Senate majority, then who will become the majority leader? Many Republicans believe Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will take the position, but there may be another contender eyeing the post.

On November 6, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) seemed to indicate an interest in leading the GOP in the Senate should the opportunity arise. While appearing on “Meet the Press,” the Florida legislator neglected to endorse McConnell for the position. Meanwhile, he skirted a question about whether or not he was planning a run for the spot.

Scott’s non-response was a stark contrast to his previous position in February. At the time, he told CBS News he couldn’t “imagine” any other person leading the Senate for the GOP other than the Kentucky legislator.

Soon after Scott made that supportive declaration, McConnell took aim at Scott’s 11-point plan for the Republican party. The minority leader said sunsetting Social Security and Medicare — two points detailed in the Florida legislator’s proposal — would “not be part of the [GOP] agenda.” The rift may have caused the lawmaker to rethink his position on who should lead the GOP in Congress.

Do you think McConnell will once again lead the Upper Chamber, or do you believe Scott will try and take the top position?

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