Mitt Romney Did Not Vote Trump in 2020 (REPORT)

Mitt Romney Did Not Vote Trump in 2020 (REPORT)

( – Failed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney once again upholds his presumed status as “Republican in Name Only,” betraying President Donald Trump for the umpteenth time since being overlooked for the position of Secretary of State.

Romney’s first significant betrayal came with his vote to convict the president during his February 2020 Senate impeachment trial, making him the only Republican to side with Democrats. His latest stunt came Wednesday, Oct. 21, in the form of his office advising multiple news outlets that the Utah Senator didn’t vote for Trump in the 2020 election.

Romney has a long-standing history of criticizing President Trump, taking potshots against him on various issues, most recently for his debate performances and his position on the transfer of power post-election. He also bundled Trump with Democrats blaming them collectively for creating a political environment “unbecoming of any free nation.”

With less than two weeks left until the national elections, one would hope for a unified GOP. Sadly, Romney continues to insist on marching to his own beat in defiance of Trump administration goals.

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