Mitt Romney Gets Booed at GOP Event

Mitt Romney Gets Booed at GOP Event

( – There’s still a lot of anger over Democratic-led witch hunts against former President Donald Trump. Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney (UT) continue to spark outrage for their decisions to impeach Trump.

Utah Republicans struck back at Romney when he took the stage at the annual state convention. The Salt Lake Tribune reported “more than 2,100 delegates” booed at Romney on Saturday, May 1.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” a seemingly unrepentant Romney shot back amid a chorus of jeers and catcalls. “You know I wasn’t a fan of [Trump’s] character issues.” Continuing, he reminded the delegates that he’d been a Republican all his life.

However, that crowd didn’t calm down until outgoing state party chair Derek Brown begged the crowd to “show respect.” He also called on the party members to “come together in strength and unity.”

However, that call didn’t work on all the delegates. They narrowly voted to save Romney from being censured with a 798-to-711 vote. Hopefully, Romney got the message and will support the will of Utah’s Republican Party and the citizens who voted for him.

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