Mitt Romney Publicly Launches Attack to Undermine Trump’s Foreign Policy in Iraq

Mitt Romney Publicly Launches Attack to Undermine Trump's Foreign Policy in Iraq

( – Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s (UT) complicated his often contentious relationship with President Donald Trump again this week when he publicly questioned the administration’s threat to pull diplomatic staff out of Iraq.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued the warning on Sept. 27 as part of an ongoing effort to pressure Iraqi officials into providing better protection for American diplomats from frequent attacks using rockets and improvised explosive devices.

Romney decided to issue a statement questioning the administration’s foreign policy in Iraq, going so far as to issue a joint statement with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Their statement expressed concern about the “implications” of a full withdrawal of American diplomats from Iraq, claiming it could undermine joint efforts to push back against Iranian influence in the region. They also claimed our allies could shutter their diplomatic missions creating further instability in the area.

However, well-intentioned Romney’s statement may or may not be; it does serve to undermine the administration’s efforts in the region. Additionally, it works against the State Department’s clearly-stated goal of protecting the lives of American diplomats abroad.

Perhaps, it’s time for Romney to stand down and let the administration conduct foreign affairs without obstruction from within US borders.

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