Mitt Romney Wants to Come After Retirements Next

Mitt Romney Wants to Come After Retirements Next

( – Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) continues to hammer away at the middle class, rehashing old-school mantras about attacking retirement programs that are no longer popular among the GOP base. Romney says that, without a solution, younger Americans will have to settle for less if they don’t want new taxes.

Romney didn’t refer to any programs by name, using the generic term “long-term benefits” instead. For years, until former President Trump campaigned against it, establishment Republicans — and Democrats — sought to either use or defund entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare, for retirees.

As Baby Boomers and Gen X age, those plans seemingly become less and less appealing to a massive voting bloc. That may be why Romney’s plan seems to be masked behind finding solutions for the nation’s younger generations for their own good. He additionally says that if the country doesn’t find some kind of balance for younger people “coming along,” it will be in serious trouble.

The Republican House caucus released a symbolic budget last year. It detailed one possible solution involving time rather than funding. The budget seeks to increase the retirement threshold to age 69 by 2030. That’s three years higher than the increase to 67 scheduled to occur this year. Is the idea a sound one, or will that kind of shift come back to bite younger Americans later?

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