Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyoncé To Change Lyrics About Her

Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyoncé To Change Lyrics About Her

Queen Bey Grants Lewinsky’s Lyric Request

( – Pop music icon Beyoncé recently faced backlash over her use of the word “spaz” in one of her new songs. The singer responded by agreeing to alter the language. Now, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is asking her to modify lyrics from another song that directly references her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

The pop singer released the song in question, titled “Partition,” in 2013. In it, she mentions Lewinsky by name after saying her mascara was “running” and her red lipstick was “smudged” before talking about a man wanting to have sex.

Newsmax noted the 49-year-old former White House intern originally asked Beyoncé to change the lyrics back in 2014. At the time, she said the singer should’ve said “Bill Clinton’d” in place of “Monica Lewinsky’d” for the “all on my gown” line.

Despite the 49-year-old obviously feeling attacked, Twitter users and what seemed to be fans of Beyoncé bashed the request. One tweet noted the singer was hardly the first person ever to make a joke referencing the Clinton affair, and yet Lewinsky seemed only ever to target the pop icon.

Another tweet asserted that Lewinsky made a dumb mistake, calling her “naive” and claiming that she blames others and acts like a victim. The user added the former White House intern wants her mistake to disappear but declared it would never happen.

Is it fair for Lewinsky to ask Beyoncé to alter her lyrics? Or should she just move on?

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