More PROTECTION? – This Soccer Team Is Getting It For Free!

Poland Soccer Team Gets Extra Protection

Poland Soccer Team Gets Extra Protection

( – On November 15, the New York Post reported a Russian-made missile landed in Poland, killing two civilian farmers: Boguslaw Wos and Bogdan Ciupek. The incident struck fear into the hearts of Polish citizens, who have not been involved in the Russian/Ukrainian war. In response to the devastation, the country took extra precautions in transporting some of its top athletes.

On November 17, Poland flew its World Cup team to Qatar for the annual soccer competition with military pilots as escorts. The F16 fighter planes accompanied the civilian aircraft to the southern border of the country to ensure the team’s safety.

The soccer team was excited about the extra attention and protection, taking pictures of their escorts and posting them on social media. The image included a message of greetings and appreciation for keeping them safe. ESPN also shared a video of the transport, depicting the pair of jets steadily flanking the aircraft.

The athletes landed safely in Qatar in plenty of time to hit the field for their first kickoff on November 22. FIFA is broadcasting the sports event live for fans who cannot personally attend. This is the first time the World Cup has taken place in the Arab world.

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