Most Dems Don’t Want Biden To Run

( – In July of 2022, President Joe Biden told the media that voters “wanted” him to run. This claim seems to be contradicted by his slipping poll numbers.

Since then, they’ve dipped even lower. A new Associated Press poll of likely-Democratic voters found only 37 percent want the incumbent President to run in 2024. This is a drop from 52 percent who said he should run when asked the same question in late 2022.

It’s likely that the voter age makes a difference, too. For those younger than 45, only 23 percent think the 80-year-old Biden should run for a second term. For Democrats 45 or older, just 49 percent think he should see a second term.

The picture for Biden looks grim when it’s zoomed-out; only 22 percent of all likely voters across age categories think he should go for the White House in 2024.

Voter preferences are, of course, tied to what pollsters call “voter approval ratings.” These measure whether citizens believe elected officials are doing a good job. Biden’s approval numbers are also falling, especially since the mid-term elections in 2022.

The Democrat voters in the 45+ age category, cooled on Biden by 10 points since last asked to rate him in October, 2022.

Joe Biden is the oldest sitting president in US history. If he were to win a second term, he would take office at 82 years old.

Opinion depends on who is asked and when. Biden gave a speech February 3 at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in which he asked the crowd, “Are you with me?” Some audience members screamed “four more years.”

Biden has highlighted his domestic and foreign policy priorities as reasons voters should give him the thumbs up. His recent speeches refer to his “Inflation Reduction Act,” described by many as a climate-tax law, and to his infrastructure spending.

This may do little to stoke enthusiasm among Americans who are paying historically unheard-of prices for basics such as eggs, butter, and the energy to heat their homes.

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