Mother Accused Of Leaving Toddler To Die On Vacation

( – A 16-month-old Cleveland baby is dead after allegedly being left alone by her vacationing 31-year-old mother. Prosecutors in Ohio said that Kristel Candelario left her daughter alone for the entire duration of her 10-day vacation, a portion of which was outside the contiguous United States.

Authorities have said that Candelario left her child unattended in a playpen on June 6th. The mother then traveled to Detroit before going on to Puerto Rico. Police said Candelario returned 10 days later on June 16th and found her child unresponsive.

The mother called 911, but EMS pronounced the child dead upon arrival. The related affidavit said the baby was dangerously dehydrated and that the playpen she was confined to was covered with urine and feces.

The Cleveland mother has been indicted and faces charges of endangering children, felonious assault, two counts of murder, and aggravated murder. Candelario’s bail has been set at $1 million.

Despite leaving her baby alone at home, the 31-year-old is said to have allowed her oldest daughter to go on vacation with her parents during this period. Neighbors have conveyed that the trip to Puerto Rico was not the first instance of Candelario leaving her child alone, with many now coming forward to say that the mother would frequently leave her baby alone in their house.

One neighbor said there were any number of people in the nearby houses that would have been happy to watch the baby girl. “She could have knocked on any of our doors,” one said.

While Candelario has not specifically addressed the pending charges, she has admitted through an interpreter that she left the baby alone and unattended.

Candelario was previously employed at a Cleveland elementary school as a building substitute. She had worked there since November of 2022 but was fired once news of her arrest came.

According to authorities, she did not have any record of neglect on file with family services.

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