Mother and Daughter Charged with Grandma’s Murder

( – On June 2nd, police in the Maryland town of Landover went to the home of 71-year-old Margaret Craig and found her dead. They are accusing Craig’s daughter and granddaughter of murdering the woman and trying to hide the body.

When a friend called the police to say he hadn’t been able to reach Margaret Craig for days, police went to her house and were greeted at the door by 44-year-old Candace Craig, Margaret’s daughter. Candace allowed police inside, apparently unaware of the smell of a decomposing body.

What they found was straight out of a slasher film. Blood and brain matter spattered the walls according to the New York Post and the entire basement was filled with the odor of a rotting body. Police found white trash bags, saws, and the cover for a chainsaw, along with body parts so mangled they could not be immediately identified.

Investigators say daughter Candace Craig actually put her mother’s body parts on a barbecue grill in an apparent attempt to disguise them.

By the time cops arrived, Margaret had been dead for 10 days. Margaret Craig’s granddaughter, Salia, 19, apparently told police that Margaret had accused her daughter, 44-year-old Candace, of using her credit card without permission. Margaret apparently threatened to turn Candace in to the authorities. The dispute then allegedly turned into a fight that ended in Margaret’s death.

A day later, Salia apparently told investigators that she discovered her grandmother Margaret’s body in a “blue bin” inside her bedroom. It was apparently at this point that Salia agreed to help her mother dismember Margaret’s body with a chainsaw.

Salia then allegedly helped her mother, Candace, try to hide the remains of Margaret’s body.

Police have charged Candace with first-degree murder and second-degree murder; she will face a court hearing on July 3rd. Margaret’s granddaughter, Salia, has been charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact. Both women are being held in jail without bond.

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