Murdaugh Murder Update: The Case Has Been Reopened

( – Convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh is set to face even more questions in a civil suit filed against the Murdaugh family by the parents of Mallory Beach, who died in 2019 after a boat driven by Alex’s son, Paul Murdaugh, crashed.

Alex Murdaugh, once a well-to-do lawyer from a prominent family, was convicted this year of murdering his wife, Maggie, and his 22-year-old son, Paul. It was Paul, now deceased, who was driving the boat that crashed, resulting in Beach’s death.

On May 22nd, a judge directed the South Carolina prison system to make Alex Murdaugh available for a deposition in the civil suit filed against him by Renee and Phillip Beach. The Beaches are suing the Murdaugh family for the wrongful death of their daughter.

In February 2019, Paul Murdaugh used his elder brother’s identification to illegally buy alcohol before taking five of his friends out for a ride on the family motorboat. His friends tried to get the obviously drunk Paul to stop driving, but he did not, and the boat crashed into a bridge. Several passengers were injured, and Mallory Beach was dead.

It took a week before divers found her body.

Parker’s Kitchen, the store from which Paul Murdaugh bought alcohol, is named in the Beaches’ suit. But lawyers for the store asked a judge to dismiss the case earlier this month. They say that Mallory Beach was an adult who chose to take her own risk by getting into a boat with a “visibly drunk Paul Murdaugh on a dark, foggy night.”

The lawyers argue that Beach continually got back on the boat despite the fact that it was a foggy night, and there were no lights or life jackets on the boat. The fact that Paul Murdaugh was drunk was another sign that this was a risky choice to make, they wrote.

Prosecutors believe the civil suit brought by the Beaches may have motivated Alex Murdaugh to murder his wife and son because the suit might expose additional financial crimes.

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