Musk Gets UNEXPECTED Response From Trump

Trump Sticks To Truth Social Despite Reinstated Twitter Account

Trump Sticks To Truth Social Despite Reinstated Twitter Account

( – On November 18, Tesla CEO Elon Musk conducted a poll on his newly acquired social media platform, Twitter. He asked users whether or not he should restore former President Donald Trump’s permanently banned account. Over 15 million people voted, and 51.8% chose yes.

So, the next day, Musk brought the previous US president back to Twitter.

On November 19, while speaking via video at the Republican Jewish Coalition, Trump said he wouldn’t be flying back to the social media platform. Instead, he intends to remain on the app he created after his removal from Twitter, TRUTH Social.

The former president said he sees no reason to return to a platform riddled with problems when he has his own network of people on TRUTH. He said nobody else from his social media site is moving back to Twitter, so why should he?

According to The Hill, if Trump does come back at Musk’s request, his words are now legally tied to his platform. The source reported the former leader could only post to another social media outlet a minimum of six hours after sharing the same message on TRUTH Social.

Many groups are glad he doesn’t plan to return, as they call Trump’s presence on Twitter “dangerous.” Some advertisers said if the previous president returned, they would suspend “ad spending” for their accounts.

Although Musk is trying to coax Trump back to Twitter, the previous commander in chief seems to be comfortable right where he is.

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