Muslim Americans May Withhold Votes from Biden

( – Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5 million Muslims call the United States home—the demographic accounts for a little over 1% of the nation’s total population. Three sitting U.S. representatives identify as such, though there would likely still be a fourth had Keith Ellison not gone on to become Minnesota’s Attorney General.

Though not all, some Arab and Muslim stateside organizations are threatening to use their influence to make President Joe Biden pay dearly for his support of Israel should he choose not to take steps to broker a ceasefire in Gaza. Said groups have warned the Commander-in-Chief that they will withhold their votes and donations in the upcoming 2024 election cycle if he continues down the same path.

On October 30th, the National Muslim Democratic Council gave the President an ultimatum with only 24 hours of leeway. In a letter addressed to both him and the leadership of the Democratic Party, they demanded that Biden use his “influence” to mitigate what they described as a total “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.

The group supports Democratic candidates who are of Muslim background and wields significant influence, especially in certain swing states. Their note to the head-of-state pledged “to mobilize” Arabs, Muslims, and allied voters to “withhold funding, endorsements, and votes” should he not successfully coordinate a ceasefire between the Israelis and Hamas by 5 p.m. EST on October 31st.

Their communique to the President points out their apparent power in the voting booth and reminds him of Michigan’s “crucial” 16 “electoral votes,” though other states are mentioned as well. October 31st has now come and gone without a ceasefire being implemented in Gaza and it stands to be seen how the NMDC will proceed.

Exit polls from 2020 showed that former President Donald Trump received about 35% of the Muslim demographic’s vote. The NMDC has not indicated if they will push voters towards abstention, non-affiliated candidates, or Republicans.

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