Muslim Dad Accuses School of Indoctrination

( – In circumstances that many would have considered unthinkable twenty years ago, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian parents are finding themselves on the same side of the contentious LGBTQ issue. Those who would have traditionally opposed one another on religious and foreign policy grounds are finding themselves in agreement that they do not want the left to indoctrinate their children in public school settings.

A Muslim father in New England says Maryland’s Montgomery County school district is creating a hostage-like situation in their refusal to allow children from religious families to opt out of nontraditional gender-based instruction. The 45-year-old father of four, Kareem Monib, became involved in his sons’ district after the Maryland House voted to approve state funding for what he and other like-minded parents deemed to be objectionable medical treatments for transgender youth.

Within a month, Monib had co-founded an organization of like-minded Muslims with his friends and wife with the stated goal of promoting “virtue in society.” Their membership is not exclusive to Muslims, and members of other faiths with traditional values are welcome.

In June, the organization was able to bring several hundred parents from the three Abrahamic faiths together for a rally aimed at their local school board in which the group demanded their right to opt their children out of gender-based instruction. Although an opt-out policy exists for a local “family life” class, it does not extend to other subjects where LGBTQ issues are discussed.

Kristin Mink, an area city councilwoman, slammed the group’s effort and accused the parents of working alongside “white supremacists.” Monib referred to her comments as nothing more than a “smear campaign” and pointed out that a large number of parent-protestors are people of color.

The legal back-and-forth of injunctions, temporary injunctions, and policy reinstatements have left Maryland parents in a state of limbo. Monib says that “ninety percent” of his Islamic faith is built off the concept of only two genders existing.

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