Muslims Targeted by Potential Serial Killer

Muslims Targeted by Potential Serial Killer

Serial Killer On The Loose – Who He’s Targeting Will Shock You

( – On August 4 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, local police announced that three murders might be linked to the same killer. They revealed news of a “fourth Muslim” victim the following day. The thought of a serial killer plowing through the religious community sparked fear, triggering some people to evacuate the area. Others hid from the unknown assailant inside their homes. Less than a week later, authorities arrested a suspect, and it turns out the threat allegedly came from inside their own sect.

On August 8, local police announced that they found a car potentially linked to the guilty party. They immediately called on the public for help finding the suspect. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller said the connection between the latest victim, Naeem Hussain, and the vehicle gave authorities a “strong lead.”

That one clue led them to Muhammad Syed, who allegedly shot the men because his daughter married a Shiite Muslim instead of a Sunni. Police continue to investigate the full motive behind the murders and have not yet applied a “hate crime” label to the slayings.

Mosque Director Tahir Gauba told the New York Times he is glad the nightmare is over, commenting that “the Muslim community will sleep in peace.”

Albuquerque authorities said they would charge Syed with two of the murders immediately. There is no word yet on the cases of the remaining victims.

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