My Pillow CEO Targeted on New Social Network

My Pillow CEO Targeted on New Social Network

( – Cancel culture is alive and well. Mark Zuckerberg admitted late last year that Facebook, Google, and Twitter coordinated their censorship efforts. Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Services successfully ran conservative social media platform, Parler, off the internet earlier this year. Conservatives are fighting back, but the battle continues to rage.

My Pillow founder and CEO, Mike Lindell, launched a new social media platform on Monday, April 19. Aptly named “Frank,” as in a place for “Frank conversation,” the site allegedly experienced a massive cyberattack in an apparent effort to knock it offline. Lindell called it “the biggest attack in history, next to the [2020 presidential] election.”

Fortunately, Lindell anticipated problems and hosted a 48-hour live stream as part of a backup strategy. Lindell reported about 15 million viewers came online by noon. That figure increased to around 90 million viewers by 10 p.m.

There’s hope for a happy ending. Lindell set things up so he can’t be de-platformed by the likes of Amazon Web. He owns the servers hosting Frank, so a third party can’t cancel his platform’s hosting services. Thank goodness for his quick thinking.

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